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“Come relax in Berea - where friends meet friends for fun and good food.”

Featuring tender, juicy steaks & burgers, pizza, chicken, seafood, specialty sandwiches, salads - plus Mediterranean specialties; grape leaves, tabouli, baba ganooj and hummus.

Chef's Recommendations

Chicken & Beef Filet Kebob Dinner

Lemon-garlic chicken kebob with peppers and marinated beef filet tenderloin kebob with peppers and onions. Served with steamed vegetables and choice of baked potato, red-skin mashed potatoes, fries, or wild rice pilaf.  Two Chicken Kebobs...$14.99, Two Beef Filet Kebobs...$16.99....

Mediterranean Feast

A sampling of our best...grilled chicken and beef filet tenderloin kebobs over wild rice pilaf with sides of tabouli, grape leaves, labne, hummus or baba ganooj and pita bread.  All chicken...$17.99, all...

TK’s Mediterranean Sampler

Classic combo of grape leaves, labne, tabouli, and your choice of hummus or baba ganooj, served with pita...

Location and hours of operation

Monday-Friday: 11am-Midnight or Later

Saturday: 11:30am – Midnight or Later

Sunday:Noon - Midnight

Customer Testimonials

Cheryl “Cow Whisperer” J.

Cheryl “Cow Whisperer” J.

I heart the Mediterranean sampler here at Tony’s. Nothing tickles my fancy more than sharing the sampler with a loved one.

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Call Us: 440-234-9700 Find Us: 841 West Bagley Road, Berea, Ohio 44017